Bedrooms and Living Areas

The surfaces in these rooms provide places for allergens and bacteria to collect. Reduce allergens and bacteria with a few simple cleaning tips.


BedroomsIf your family has allergies, a main goal of bedroom cleaning should be to control allergens. Bedrooms contain many soft furnishings, which are ideal places for dust, dust mites, dust mite debris, pollen and pet dander to accumulate. Controlling allergens in the bedroom is particularly important because so much time is spent there.

Reducing Allergens and Germs in the Bedroom:

  • Don't allow pets in bedrooms.
  • Remove or reduce unnecessary soft furnishings. These collect dust and are therefore havens for dust mites.
  • Launder bedding every week on a hot wash (at least 55ºC) to kill the dust mites in it.
  • Minimise clutter and put items away so that they don’t accumulate dust.
  • Use an antibacterial surface cleanser or wipes to help remove pollen particles, pet dander, and dust mite debris from hard surfaces.
  • Frequently clean and disinfect hand contact surfaces such as television remote controls, light switches and telephone receivers, especially if someone is sick with a cold or flu.

Special Tips for Children’s Rooms

  • Choose soft toys that are washable. Launder them regularly on a hot wash (at least 55ºC) to remove dust mites.
  • Clean and disinfect hard toys regularly. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly after disinfection.