New Spray Refill

Tough on Bacteria,
Kinder to the Planet.

70% less plastic spray refill pouch.*

Kills 99.9% of bacteria.

*Based on plastic weight (grams per ml) compared with 1 x Dettol Anti-bacterial Surface Cleanser 1200ml bottle.

What if you could reuse your existing Dettol spray bottle, use 70% less plastic*, save money and kill 99.9% of bacteria?

Now you can with new Dettol Spray Refill pouches!


As part of Dettol’s ongoing mission to reduce plastic waste, we are delighted to introduce our new spray refills which turn your existing spray bottle into one you can use over and over, and are made with 70% less plastic*!

*Based on plastic weight (grams per ml) compared with 1 x Dettol Anti-bacterial Surface Cleanser 1200ml bottle

How to refill
your bottle.

With our Spray Refill Pouches, your existing bottle can be safely and easily refilled and reused, again and again.

Please refer to the back of the refill pouch for directions and safety instructions. We recommend refilling your Spray bottles with the Refill Pouches, over the sink.

• Twist off the nozzle from your spray bottle
• Steady the pouch on the table and remove the cap
• Lift the empty bottle to the refill pouch (do not lift the pouch to the bottle)
• Insert the nozzle of the pouch into the bottle
• Carefully hold the spray bottle steady and tip the pouch and pour the contents of the pouch directly in.

Dettol Spray Bottles You Can’t Refill

As part of its sustainability journey, Dettol is transitioning all of its plastic spray bottles to be 100% Recyclable. At present, standard Dettol Surface Cleanser Spray Bottles (500ml & 750ml) are compatible with our Dettol Spray Refills. Refill-Friendly versions of all other variants, including Citrus & Pomegranate Cleaners, will be widely available to purchase in stores from end of May’19. While we transition to 100% Recyclable Spray Bottles, you may still come across some of our old Spray Bottles that you are unable to refill using our Dettol Spray Refills.

If you have purchased a Dettol Spray Refill and you have a Dettol Spray bottle you cannot refill, then please contact our customer care team for a free Dettol Refillable Spray bottle. Please contact our Customer Service Team by clicking on this link


Our new Spray Refills are able to be recycled through a partnership with TerraCycle® at no additional cost.

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