Weekly Cleaning Schedules for the Stay at Home Parent: Small Changes for Big Rewards

Once your newborn arrives, there are only a few things more important to for a busy parent to plan than a weekly cleaning schedule. A thorough and well thought-out schedule will help you sleep better, feel fresher, and most importantly, save you precious time that you can spend with the newest member of your family. Here are things to consider when creating a new cleaning schedule:

  1. Knock out the hard stuff early. Everybody is prone to having a case of The Monday Blues. However, if you really make that tough first day of the week count, the rest of the week can only get even easier—and that means more enjoyable. Front-load your week, so that when your stamina is running down at the end of the week, you’ll have more time to relax with your baby. Knock out a good chunk of your list with the help of Dettol Power & Fresh Multi-Purpose Spray. With just one product, you can have the floors, walls, appliances and more all sparkling. You don’t have to do it all Monday, though. Maintain a distribution of tasks throughout the week, just leave the quick easy ones–like cleaning the toilet–for later.
  2. Ask for help when you really need it, no matter what day of week it is. Once in a while, you’ll feel like you just need to set aside your baby to clean, even if it’s for an hour so don’t be timid about asking a relative or babysitter to take care of the baby.
  3. Prioritise staying happy, not perfect. Having a new baby will make it nearly impossible to keep your home in impeccable condition. Don’t worry about taking out an evening or two in the week to do nothing but spend time watching your little one grow in front of your very eyes.

Remember, there’s more to life and a happy home than having a clean home. Keep your home clean enough to maintain a safe environment, and do so efficiently with a weekly cleaning schedule, so that you can focus on showing your love.

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