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noneThe journey of a biodegradable wipe

What are biodegradable wipes - simple explained

The journey of a biodegradable wipe

Wipes are handy for a range of cleaning occasions and can also reduce cross-contamination between surfaces such as bins, remote controls and mobile phones. Wipes are mostly favoured for convenience and their ease of use, meaning cleaning has become less of a chore, and it saves time in our busy lives. However, although convenient, wipes can be detrimental to the environment.1 That's why now more than ever, it's important we start making changes and become more responsible about the waste we produce.

Dettol Tru Clean Surface Wipes

In an effort to take small steps towards the problems associated with wipes, Dettol has created something different: Dettol Tru Clean Surface Wipes. These are biodegradable, meaning that after cleaning dirt, they can breakdown into the dirt, making them less harmful to the environment and less likely to end up in the sea.

What happens to biodegradable wipes?

Once disposed of correctly, biodegradable wipes get broken down naturally by microorganisms and returned to the ecosystem. Dettol Tru Clean Surface wipes are made with plant-based and biodegradable fibres. The time they take to decompose depends on the surroundings.2

  • Are the wipes compostable?
    The wipes are compostable* and you may be able to arrange a pick-up with your local recycling facilities. Over time, depending on temperature, moisture and exposure to air, the wipes will decompose.
  • Can I flush them?
    Always read the pack instructions to find the best way to dispose of a biodegradable wipe.

Do Tru Clean really work?

Yes. Our Dettol Tru Clean Surface Cleanser Wipes are free from unnecessary and harmful chemicals, such as bleach, dye or phosphates, but are as effective as other Dettol cleaners.

Introducing the new Dettol Tru Clean Surface Cleanser Wipes

Our new Dettol Tru Clean Surface Cleanser Wipes are made with a plant-derived active ingredient, lactic acid, that is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses** to help protect you and your family. 

  • Made from 100% biodegradable fibres and a plant based active ingredient
  • Tested in compost conditions
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Free from bleach, dye and phosphates

Take a look at our Dettol Tru Clean Range

Dettol Tru Clean Range

*Biodegradable inactive landfill conditions (in accordance with ASTM D5511-8 standards) and proven to biodegrade in industrial composting conditions (in accordance with European Standards EN 13432)

**See information on pack. Use disinfectant safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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