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Science and Innovation

Our Research, Development & Innovation Centres can be found across the globe. From our main laboratory hub sitting in the US to our regional labs in the UK, China and India. It’s here we research, develop and rigorously test products to make sure they’re right for you and the home.

Research and Development

We’ve been designing products for your household and personal care for over 80 years. We strive to make sure our products are always the best for what your household and family needs. Driven by the desire to protect people through hygiene, we’re committed to innovating groundbreaking products every year. Behind our innovations, we have talented researchers, scientists, and hygiene experts across the globe. They help us take a leading role in hygiene, but we also liaise with local and global organisations to broaden the conversation and approach health and hygiene as a unified force.  

The science at a glance

How do we remove viruses?

The aim of a virus is to replicate itself but it cannot do this on its own. The virus needs to get inside us and infect our healthy cells. Surfaces can easily become contaminated with the virus, especially if it’s in close proximity to somebody who is infected. These surfaces provide temporary home for the virus to transfer, primarily to the hands of those who come into contact with it. Contaminated hands can then transfer any virus present to our faces which we touch frequently throughout the day. This provides the virus with a route to enter our bodies.

However, Dettol products help to stop the virus on surfaces or our hands, and therefore prevent it from getting into the body in the first place, breaking the cycle of infection.

How we kill bacteria

We kill off the bacteria by causing the proteins to become damaged and outer layers of the bacteria cell and the whole cell consequently simply splits open and dies. Learn more below.

Our ingredients manifesto

Our products fight pathogens and the harmful microorganisms that can be found on our hands, bodies, fabrics and surfaces. Our ingredients are rigorously tested, transparently located on our packaging, and the minimum number required to keep you safe.

Discover more on our dedicated ingredients page.



Our approach to product development

Product development is a major part of our business and the result of an unwavering commitment to excellence.

  1. Regulatory oversight ensures that we comply with laws around the world. This helps us to produce a quality end product that’s safe to use.
  2. Our Analytical capabilities allow us to rigorously test our products with a view to maintaining exceptionally high standards of clinical excellence.
  3. Science Innovation helps us identify new technologies, develop new formulations and stay at the cutting edge of sustainable product packaging.

Sustainability matters

We innovate end products that help protect your family and the environment. Be it more eco-friendly child resistant packaging, recycling initiatives, fastidious labels or sustainable sourcing of ingredients, we aim to go the extra mile. Discover more today.

Our Expertise

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